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L’Atelier Restaurant Review

If you’re looking for a laid back restaurant in Grand Gaube with a touch of authenticity and impeccable service? You should give L’Atelier Restaurant a try. Though a small restaurant that mainly caters to the guests of the Mythic Suites & Villas, they are open to the public as well. Since they offer conciergerie services to their guests, this is very well reflected at their restaurant too.Which we’ll get to very soon in this review of L’Atelier Authentic restaurant! If you do go to L’Atelier feel free to ask for a tour of the Villas which are available to Mauritians. You can have a peek of your next staycation available at a reasonable price. The villas are modern and spacious, making them great for families, with a pool, outdoor dining area and several rooms.

They offer fully prepared BBQ feast packs that can be done at the villa you are staying at. You also have the option of the chef live cooking and waiters to serve the family lunch or dinner at the villa. You can order from the restaurant and get your meal delivered to you. You’ll feel at home without having to do everything yourself.


L’Atelier is full of colour giving us island vibes with hues of yellow, orange and red with their colourful rattan chairs. Seeing those was almost nostalgic because they had revisited the typical rattan chairs we’ve seen at our grandparents’ place. The setting is spacious though small. They have a private area for larger groups and acoustic versions of the latest pop songs softly playing in the background. The restaurant has a cohesive decor with enough space between tables. The waiters are seen walking in and out of the restaurant as they have to deliver dinner to the villas & suites. It felt quite busy with all this action.  


The night we were there was windy however the rattan blinds perfectly sheltered us from the wind. This made the dinner relaxed and cosy, with the help of the romantically dim lighting as well. Since COVID-19 many restaurants are feeling the effects of slower business, with less tourists, this may be why it felt a bit quiet.


At first the menu looked a bit light, which may be because it’s the Mythic Suites & Villas’ restaurant where outsiders might not know or come as often. We asked if there were any starters and the waitress very kindly offered to ask the chef if he could propose something. We were then served 2 servings of the typical Mauritian vegetarian Samoussas that were delicious. Crunchy on the outside and hot on the inside, a snack loved by all Mauritians. Those came with Ketchup, crushed chilli (an important part of most Mauritians’ meal) and sweet chilli sauce.

After that we ordered the Angus burger, the Entrecote on truffle mashed potatoes and Chicken and prawn curry beautifully presented. The Angus burger was juicy and accompanied by a runny yolk fried egg and fries, the portions are quite generous. The Entrecote was perfectly cooked though some parts were a bit stiff, however the truffle mash was simply perfect. The velvety texture and the notes of truffle coming through was perfectly balanced and we could not get enough. That was definitely the highlight! The Chicken and Prawn curry was accompanied by rice, a tomato chutney and lentil soup. A delicious and authentic dish. 


Quick note: For the Heineken lovers, they have bottomless beer specifically for this brand which is a great for those who like Heineken!


L’Atelier’s service was impeccable! The second you enter the place you can feel it because as soon as we arrived they welcomed us with a big smile. The staff was lively & friendly, while recommending a few of the dishes we should try. Following this, they patiently answered all questions we had about the menu and the restaurant. 


The F&B manager was so kind to give us a little tour of the restaurant and talk a bit about the background of the restaurant, Mythic Suites & Villas and the concept behind. Every request was answered with a positive feel and a smile which made us feel at ease, they also recommended anything that could make our experience better. After our dinner, since we had shown interest in the villas, we were given a tour and we then realised how nice and big the project was. Touring this new place has added a new place we would want to take a staycation at because of what we’ve seen.

If you’re looking for a new place to try that will take you on a whole discovery, check out L’Atelier restaurant and the surrounding Suites & Villas. You will for sure receive a warm welcome and discover a concept that you may not have experienced before. You can visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even stay at one of their villas for a weekend and experience their conciergerie level of service!


Disclaimer: All restaurant reviews are written from our personal experience at the 
restaurant on this specific date and time. These are recommendations that we hope 
you add to your list of places to try and enjoy.

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