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Le Petit Bistrot Restaurant

In the middle of the bustling Ebene city you’ll find a food gem! Le Petit Bistrot restaurant located in the food court of Ebene Commercial Centre is a breath of fresh air from the usual stalls. With their vintage rustic decor, it is a great place for a lunch break from work! From freshly pressed Juices, baguettes, pasta, vegetarian mushroom panini to burgers and delicious desserts you’ll always find something new to try. You’ll find co-workers catching up, couples meeting in between work, parents bringing their children off from school to eat. Le Petit Bistrot is for everyone!


Le Petit Bistrot restaurant has an undeniable charm especially in Ebene where you mainly have the choice between quick cheap take out or more expensive fancy restaurants. Here it falls right in between the two. The wooden decor from their counter, to the walls and the chalk boards give a rustic vintage feel which is paired by the industrial hanging lights. Therefore giving the restaurant a warm feel, so much so that you almost forget you have to go through the busy Ebene city and get back to work. What’s great about Le Petit Bistrot is that though it is located in a food court you really don’t get that feeling of the crowded and busy lineups. Don’t get us wrong, those line ups do have yummy food and sometimes you just don’t have the time! But if you want to take a laid back lunch break, then Le Petit Bistrot is the place!


The food!! Now, you may have seen that there’s a wide variety of options! And in many places some may say that only a few items on the board are good and there’s too much to choose from. So far, we can honestly tell you, everything we’ve tried has been on point. The food comes out not longer than 15 mins! And it’s deliciously hot off the stove! We had a mushroom panini that was so delicious. Vegetarian options can disappoint sometimes, however not at Le Petit Bistrot, the mushroom panini was so satisfying and full of flavour! It was really creamy because of the cheese and the creme fraiche. It seemed like they had a bechamel type of sauce as well. However we would have liked it if the panini came with a side of salad or fries as well as it felt like something was missing. The Chicken Parmigiana was delightful, accompanied by a side of yummy crunchy fries and salad. The Chicken was juicy and crunchy with the Italian tomato sauce on top that added a tangy flavour! The melted cheese on top brought everything together! And the portion is perfect! Not too much, not too little.

Le Petit Bistrot Eclair


You’ll find that you need to order at the counter first, this is most likely done to speed things up especially being in a mainly business area. The lady at the counter was more than welcoming, with a bright smile she took our orders and gave us a few recommendations for vegetarian options. Great service there! Though it can be a lot with people lining up, they do not skip the service provided to each customer. Once seated we were promptly brought our drinks by a waitress who was very polite and kind. These things may seem small, a smile, the mood of the person, but it makes a world of difference.

All in all Le Petit Bistrot has not disappointed us each time we go there. Want to grab a delicious baguette a l’Ancienne and head back to work? They’ve got you covered! Want to sit down and catch up with some friends or colleagues during your lunch break in Ebene? That’s the place for you! Don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money for a nice sit down restaurant, definitely try Le Petit Bistrot! You won’t regret it!


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