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The Sunset Café & Trattoria Restaurant Review

Sunset Café view

The Sunset Café & Trattoria restaurant, is the place you want to go for brunch on a bright sunny day. Located in the heart of Grand Baie along Sunset Boulevard, hidden behind the shops, the view instantly says vacay. Many people in Mauritius choose Grand Baie as their weekend staycation! It’s one of the parts of Mauritius where the weather is 99.9% of the time summer-y! Imagine blue skies, sunshine, flip flops, shorts and sunglasses – that’s the dress code for Grand Baie. The sunset Café & Trattoria restaurant is a good representation of that feel-good summer vibe. Sip on a cocktail with a delicious brunch in front of a bright blue and turquoise ocean and islander boats anchored swaying with the waves.


Having a place like the Sunset Café & Trattoria is a must in Grand Baie, to be able to make the most of the beautiful weather and view. As you arrive, a casual, simple & neat set up awaits you, but the first thing you see is the view you’ll get to enjoy during your meal there. With light music in the background and the rhythmic waves washing in and out of the seashore, all worries melt away. The restaurant was quite busy when we arrived, which made the atmosphere lively and very family friendly.

Sunset Cafe pizzas


The menu at the Sunset Café & Trattoria restaurant is extensive, from breakfast/brunch options, to hot dishes like steak, or easy lunches like a pizza or panini. Since there were five us, we were able to try quite a few of the dishes. We had the omelette, which was bigger than we thought accompanied by fries, satisfyingly filling. The omelette we ordered had tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, ham and chilli.

We also ordered 2 pizzas, a tomato-based and a white sauce base, the crust was very good. Though we wouldn’t say it’s the best pizza when you compare it to an Italian restaurant, it was still a thin crust with airy edges and well garnished. The toppings were well paired like the Parma ham and the eggplant with parmesan on top. The white sauce pizza was creamy and cheesy with the picture-perfect melted cheese strings when picking up a slice. 

The Marlin panini was decent however slightly dry, and the bread was slightly too hick over-powering what’s inside the panini. This one was the only dish that fell a little short of what we would have liked. On the other hand, the tenderloin steak was delicious with the mushroom and truffle sauce. The sauce was flavourful and the meat perfectly cooked that was a nice surprise and especially for the price.


The attention given by the waiter at the restaurant was great, since he was the only waiter working with about 6-7 tables, it was very well balanced. The only issue with that is that a special attention is pretty hard to be provided. But the concept of Sunset Café & Trattoria restaurant is good food & a good time for you and your family/friends. Therefore, it’s not about putting on a show, or having an impeccable service, but letting the customer enjoy the moment there. Every dish came on time, each request was attended to and the waiter was polite and patient.

All in all, you go to Sunset Boulevard firstly for the view and fresh beach air, then you go for the good food that can satisfy everyone from a young age to older. It’s a place to enjoy, feel on vacation and that won’t put a hole in your wallet too. We’d definitely go again because of all the above. So if you’re making your way to the north on bright sunny day definitely consider the Sunset Café & Trattoria, rather than being inside a closed restaurant. Enjoy Grand Baie and a view of its coast with yummy food to fill your tummies. We would recommend you get their breakfast as it’s just a great feeling to enjoy breakfast by the ocean, however make sure to be there before 11am!

Phone number: +230 263 9602
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sunsetcafetrattoria/

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