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Foie gras with apples – Foie gras poêlé aux pommes

Foie gras with apples (Foie gras poêlé aux pommes). What’s Christmas without foie gras? In Mauritius, you know it is the festive season when all supermarkets start selling all sorts of foie gras products on their fore-shelves.

Foie gras with apples

If you can get hold of fresh foie gras escalopes, this recipe is a must try! The sweet-and-tangy apples is a beautiful contrast from the gamey and rich taste of the foie gras. On a small toasty slice of bread, that soaks up all of that delicious duck fat, this entrée, will definitely leave your guests wanting for more.

This recipe is easy to make as it only requires a few ingredients. Thus, the reason why, you want to use the best and most premium produce you can get. There is no hiding behind such a simple yet delicious dish. For your vegetarian friends, you can instead make mini bruschetta.

Part of this special festive edition; we partnered with local producers and artisans to showcase their products in our recipes. In this foie gras recipe, discover the delicious “Confiture de tomate, rhubarbe, poivres rose” by Reynaud les Halles. It not only pairs beautifully with foie gras, but can also be used as a sweet condiment when making burgers or steak dishes.

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Foie gras with apples

Course: Something light, EntréeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


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  • 1 escalope of duck foie gras (About 140g)

  • 1 golden apple

  • “Confiture de tomate, rhubarbe, poivre rose” of Reynaud les Halles

  • Demi-baguette of rustic bread, sliced (About 1cm thick)

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • 2 handfuls of pomegranate seeds, optional

  • Nutmeg, optional


  • Slice the foie gras into 1cm slices
  • Season the slices on both side with salt and pepper to taste
  • In a medium-high pan, cook the foie gras for about 4mins on each side, then set aside
  • Wash and pat dry the apple, core it, cut it in half and slice it into 5mm thickness
  • In the same pan, pan sear the apples until the edges have softened, then set aside
  • To assemble; toast the bread, spread some confiture onto each slice, top them off with 1 slice of foie gras, 1-2 slices of apple and a few pomegranate seeds.
  • Grate some nutmeg on top of each slices, if using any.
  • Serve warm
Recipe inspired by Marimiton

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