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Gourmet Experience #20

Gourmet Experience is the annual event that all foodies look forward to. Delicious food and live music, this festive event is the perfect way to spend a great moment between friends and family. We surely had an epic night discovering the various cuisines while absorbing some of the epic vibes.

Une Ambiance de Folie

With the live band playing in the background and the fairy lights hanging above us, the atmosphere at Gourmet Experience was surely festive! Needless to say that the place was bustling with people and kids running around! Well, that’s what makes it so joyous! It reminded us of the different night markets we used to go to when we were both studying abroad. Something that we’ve deeply missed.

How was Gourmet Experience different from other food festivals we’ve experienced in Mauritius?

Gourmet Experience has become the reference for food and beverage tasting in Mauritius. The event was well organized; whether in terms of the variety of food and cuisines available, the entertainment or the convivial atmosphere created by the exquisite decor. The organizers really chose the epitome of the food industry, la creme de la creme of the suppliers, producers and restaurateurs, which elevated the standard of this food event. 

A trip around the globe

This year’s lineup of participants was incredible. The variety of cuisines transported us to all corners of the world; from the Middle East, going through Italy, France to South Africa, Thailand, China and Japan; we immersed ourselves into diverse food cultures. Moreover, with the rise of veganism, vegetarianism and other types of diets, Gourmet Experience ensured to cater for people with different needs. There was even a vegetarian only stall operated by Field Good.

Which stalls stood out the most and why?

We had the chance to chit chat with the different participants, but one particular story that touched us was the one of Be.Eau, a start-up company who is fighting against plastic pollution. They surprised us with their innovative and resourceful idea of using sugarcane to make plastic bottles. Bottles that disappear from the planet in 90 days – 100% biodegradable and compostable.

What were some of the most memorable parts of the evening?
  • The live cooking with Pasta & Pasta and Ousaporn Thai Restaurant
  • The great vibes throughout the night – the positivity, laughter, family and friends creating memories and especially the picnic style areas 
  • The atmosphere and decor was on point
  • The eagerness of the participants and the warmth from the people at each stall 
  • Seeing everyone coming together for a great time reminded us of the times before COVID-19
  • The location however was a huge plus, having this event at L’aventure du Sucre allowed Gourmet Experience to make the most of the night. The area available was so spacious, the rustic touch of the sugar factory nearby added to the whole feel too. 

Would you go again?

Yes definitely! We cannot wait for the next Gourmet Experience, we even wish that it would happen more than once a year! What Gourmet Experience has been able to do was to bring people together through food. It’s the perfect food festival for family and friends to come together, relax on a picnic mat and enjoy the food and drinks with live music in the background.

What would you like to see at the next Gourmet Experience? What would you do differently?

The only criticism that we have and that many people mentioned as well, was the limited number of voucher selling points. The queues would get a bit too long especially with impatient children around. Next time it would be great to have more points of sale. Rather than having only 2, they could have had 3 or 4 more voucher sale areas

What you guys thought of
Gourmet Experience!

Feedback from our friends and family

“We had a great time, especially my kids! We should have come earlier to be able to spend more time there! I did not expect that it would be that well organized!”

“It’s really cool that the participants are different from the usual ones we see at other food events! We discovered so many new cuisines at this year’s Gourmet Experience.”

“The atmosphere was really nice but the line up could get really long especially for the vouchers, maybe we can buy vouchers ahead of time next time or have more vouchers stations? But overall a great gourmet experience indeed!”

“What’s good is we had a lot of options, so for families with picky eaters, there was something for all members.”

On that note, feel free to drop us a comment to let us know what you thought of the event! Relive this epic evening on our IGTV and Instagram!

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