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Kogi Kogi Korean Restaurant in Mauritius

Korean food has become popular worldwide. Through Kdrama and Kpop, the Korean culture has spread like crazy! One place you can try delicious authentic Korean food in Mauritius is at Kogi Kogi. You’ll find Kogi Kogi on the first floor of a building that falls directly on the main road, Chemin Vingt Pieds, of Grand Baie. Great for family and friends, it is the place you need to go to for a good Korean BBQ, or to try a cuisine you’ve never had before.

Kogi Kogi Starters


What’s great about Kogi Kogi is that it is family friendly. It’s great for kids! With their kids room, full of toys, the children can play around with the toys while the adults are feasting around the delicious food. However, do not let that fool you in the decor, the decor has an industrial chic feel, with the copper coloured vent system for the Korean BBQ. The decor is modern and simple with a neutral colour palette. The tables are well spaced out so it never feels too crammed. The Korean BBQ is integrated into the table, so you are free to have a delicious Korean BBQ or have individual main dishes. In the background, light Korean pop music plays, reminding us of the Korean restaurants back in Toronto.


At Kogi Kogi, we love the starters! The Kimchi pancakes which are thin and tasty as well as the Pork and Beef Mandus’, lightly pan-fried dumplings, that are perfectly steamed with a fried base. Delicious! We always go to Kogi Kogi in groups, because that’s the best way you can share and try different things. We had some of the Korean BBQ dishes with the sides dishes of pickled vegetables, kimchi and bean sprouts sesame flavoured. The meat is perfectly tender and really well marinated accompanied by lettuce and white rice. The Japchae is also a great hit as a main dish; the sesame flavour comes through really well and the lightness of the dish makes you want to dive in with another fork-full. It’s also a great hit with the kids because of its simplicity and great flavour.

We also shared a beef bibimbap which comes in a hot stone bowl which is sizzling hot as the rice keeps cooking at the bottom. The best part about the bibimbap? The crispy slightly burnt rice at the bottom! At Kogi Kogi, you will for sure end up eating more than you can because everything tastes so good and there are so many options! Also try their Dosiraks, which are the Korean version of the Japanese Bento box. The Dosirak is a main dish accompanied by rice, kimchi and pickled veggies enough for one! If you can, definitely try the Spicy stir fried pork Dosirak.    

Last but not least the Cheesecake, which is a Japanese cheesecake style is a must try! Deliciously light, fluffy and tasty, even if you think you’re full you’ll definitely still have enough space for dessert!


At Kogi Kogi, the service is top notch, friendly and attentive to all your needs. Even the things you might not know you needed, they’ll think about it for you. They are very patient and helped us cook our Korean BBQ, which went a lot faster than if we did it ourselves. They talked about how to traditionally eat the Korean BBQ. First you wrap a bit of rice with the meat and pickled veggies in a lettuce leaf and a dash of sauce on top. Scrumptious! The food comes out in a timely manner letting us enjoy each dish at the right pace. We’ve been to Kogi Kogi a bunch of times and still many more times to come!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KogiKogiBBQ
Phone number: + 230 268 1973 / 5251 8549
E-mail: kogikogibbq@gmail.com

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