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Le Kiosk Restaurant Review

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Looking for something simple to eat? Le Kiosk on the west coast of Mauritius offers cafe style food for lunch, tea time or even a quick bite. The outdoor seating area allows you to fully enjoy the Mauritian tropics while sipping on a freshly squeezed juice or a cocktail. It is a pleasant and casual restaurant perfect for the summer days. 


Simple decor, Le Kiosk only offers outdoor seating which enables you to enjoy the sun and listen to the singing of the birds. You instantly feel relaxed and laid back as if you were on holidays in some tropical resort. Le Kiosk is a nice little cafe to visit when the weather is right. However, given the open nature, it may get chilly during winter or inconvenient when it rains. The big trees and umbrellas do provide some shade but is definitely not enough when the weather turns ugly. I went there with a bunch of friends and we had a lovely and relaxing evening

Le Kiosk Panini
Le Kiosk Panini


Le Kiosk offers a cafe-styled menu ranging from sandwiches, burgers, paninis to salads, pastas and more. To start off, we always have their freshly squeezed juices, my personal favorite is their orange-carrot-ginger juice. I simply love the sweetness of the carrots, the tanginess of the orange and the punch of the ginger. A must try! 

For entrée, we shared the crispy calamari which was light and delicious, but not the crispiest of the calamaris that I’ve had. For the “plat de résistance”, we dug into the chicken caesar salad, which was fresh yet very filling.The crispy bacon and croutons contrast the creaminess of the salad dressing and parmesan cheese. Great flavor and textual combination. We also had the eggplant and blue cheese panini which was uniquely delicious. It is vegetarian friendly and is a great change from the roasted vegetable panini which is commonly the only vegetarian panini offered at most cafes. The other main courses we had were the chicken mayo baguette,  hot dog, croque-monsieur and the monster burger. Overall, the dishes were hit and miss, some were delicious while others were below our satisfaction. For instance, the monster burger had a very wild and strong beef flavor, which was too gamey for our liking. And besides the beef patty, there were only a miserable slice of tomato and lettuce leaf inside the bun. While the hot dog and croque-monsieur were tasty, they were not out of the ordinary – aka safe options. 

To finish off our meal, we ordered the sweet crepes topped with maple syrup and almond flakes (you can choose any two toppings of your choice). Le Kiosk is famous for its crepes and waffles, so make sure to try them! Perfectly warm, it was the perfect way to end the meal.

Le Kiosk Crepes


The service at Le Kiosk is probably their weak point. The waitresses and waiters are polite and well mannered but improvements are necessary to make patrons feel more welcome. The overall service was also really slow. We waited more than 30mins for our food to be served and on top of that the waitress did not get our order right. Instead of the egg, bacon and cheese croque-monsieur, we got served the ham and cheese one. 

I’ve been to Le Kiosk several times and the food is a hit and miss, so do bear in mind that consistency is not their forté. But what I really enjoyed at Le Kiosk is its casual and relax “vibe”. I wouldn’t travel miles to go eat there, but if I am in the neighborhood, I would definitely give it a try. I think it’s the ideal place for an afternoon tea, with crepes and coffee while listening to the birds chirping and wind rustling the palm trees above. 

All in all, when one chooses to return to Le Kiosk, it is most likely not because of the food. I know that for us, the convenient location and familiar atmosphere is what gets us going back for more
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