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Mont Choisy Le Golf Restaurant Review

Looking for a simple yet a bit more up-scale restaurant to eat at for lunch or dinner in the north of Mauritius? Mont Choisy Le Golf’s Restaurant should definitely be on your list of options! Situated on the Mont Choisy Le Golf estate, it’s a five minute drive from Grand Baie La Croisette. If you’re visiting MCLG’s restaurant in summer you’ll surely be welcomed by blooming fire-red Flamboyant trees on both sides of the road that leads to the restaurant and golf estate. 

Mont Choisy Le Golf’s restaurant has a modern and simple luxurious charm. Entering the building, the wood embellished entrance gives a classy sombre feel, in contrast to the bright & open space of the restaurant. The restaurant opens up to a spacious and brightly lit area thanks to the tall glass windows. This perfectly frames the lush green fields of the golf course and the perfect tropical weather of the island.


The restaurant feels polished but cosy. With families and friends chatting away, the atmosphere is relaxed and lively but not loud or overcrowded. The tables are spaced far enough from each table for privacy. Everything is cleanly set with the bar in the corner. This brightly lit space from the daylight instantly makes you feel welcomed and gets you excited for today’s meal. What’s great about the well day lit restaurant is the natural calming feel that the space has, where the architecture and lighting has been set to make the space feel huge with the high ceilings, something simple yet it adds to the show factor of the place.


As Starter, we ordered a “Mixed bruschettas platter” of 8 light and delicious amuse-bouches. From smoked duck to the simple tomato mozzarella pesto bruschetta, we discovered new flavours with each bite. We paired this with a “Mixed platter” of Mauritian fritters. If you’re in Mauritius, these are a must try! They are crunchy and tasty vegetarian fried snacks typical of Mauritius. We had vegetarian samoussas, cheese fritters and yam violet fritters (gato arouille). Most of the time you’ll find the locals are always in for some “gato de l’huile” which is what we call those fried snacks, which literally translates to oily cakes.


Next came our main dishes! Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Entrecôte, Spaghetti Carbonara, Marlin Tagliatelle and a Vegetarian Salad. The meat dishes were perfectly cooked to taste while the pastas were al dente, though a bit on the heavy side. Last but not least the vegetarian salad was full of fresh colourful vegetables with a tasty dressing. 

Everything met our expectations! Good food always makes conversations at the table flow even more easily and not a second was spent checking the time. The menu caters for all kinds of foodies, with vegetarian options to meat options and kid friendly dishes, they’ve got it all. You definitely won’t have a hard time finding something delicious to eat.


The service was professional, prompt, never rushed and everything was set to our satisfaction. The only thing we felt missing was a bit of warmth from the waiters. Like suggesting dishes, or pairing certain starters with others. But all in all what more could we ask for? Dessert? Well, if you do go, you have to try their moelleux au chocolat (chocolate lava cake), so decadent and gooey with a side of vanilla ice cream. And this beautiful lunch catching up with friends ended with a round of espressos.

Mont Choisy Le Golf’s restaurant will definitely keep you coming back, with great choices available, reasonable price for what you get and a beautiful setting. This restaurant is bound to be your next stop whether it be with family, friends or for a date! Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews in Mauritius!


Disclaimer: All restaurant reviews are written from our personal experience at the 
restaurant on this specific date and time. These are recommendations that we hope 
you add to your list of places to try and enjoy.

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