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Sushi Me Restaurant Review

Sushi Me Review Bar

Sushi Me at the Hennessy Hotel is undoubtedly very popular. Being at the very heart of Ebene, it is not only conveniently located, but also one of the only 5-star dining experiences of its kind in the area. Featuring a Japanese fusion menu and a modern art interior, Sushi Me, is the ideal place for a fancy Friday night diner.


Located in a boutique hotel, Sushi Me, has a modern art and minimalist interior. With a dine-in-an-art-gallery concept, featuring the works of local artists, you can admire the beautiful paintings and sculptures while eating. You may even purchase them if you wish. Sushi Me is a great place for a more calm, intimate or romantic dining experience as it’s usually very quiet unless there’s some special event or it’s happy hour. The koi fish pond also adds a nice water element, the sound of the water makes the atmosphere even more peaceful and relaxing.


Sushi Me recently updated its menu to a more modern, Japanese fusion one. I enjoy exploring non-traditional flavors; flavors that defy the conventional and thus found the new menu really interesting.

To begin, we had miso soup, nothing too fancy but a great way to kick off a Japanese dinner with some umami flavors. To follow, we had the “Salmon marinated with yuzu and ponzu sauce”, the acidity of the yuzu and ponzu is heavenly with the raw salmon. The sashimi thinly sliced, instantly melting in the mouth – a perfectly refreshing dish for the summer. I think by now, you guys have realized that I absolutely LOVE sour and tangy flavors.

We also had the “Roasted salmon and salmon tartar Nigiri, accompanied with truffle miso”. My favorite way to cook salmon is searing – the contrast between the cooked and the raw is a textual delight. The sticky miso sauce, which was similar in sweetness to teriyaki sauce, was right up my ally! It didn’t have any truffle flavor but added a lovely touch of sweetness to the dish. The sauce can however be overpowering or mismatching if you do not enjoy sweet flavors in savory dishes. The last main dish we had was the “Shirashi Bento”. The fried chicken was extremely moist and crispy but tasted more like Korean fried chicken. My only critique would be to cut the chicken into bite sizes, especially that we were only given chopsticks to eat.

Sushi Me Dessert

As for dessert, Sushi Me had a 1 for 1 deal. We had the passion fruit crème brulee, which was deliciously smooth and creamy, but had a little too much passion fruit curd, making it a little too sour. I wished they had more Asian and Japanese inspired dessert like mochi.


As you would expect, the service was worthy of a fine dining restaurant. You do however pay a premium for the extra care and attention to detail. There’s nothing much to say; the waiters and waitresses were very professional, polite and always ensured everything was taken care of. They accompanied us to our seats, explained the menu and recommended the signature dishes. During this time of Covid-19, Sushi Me also has a paperless menu policy and instead encourages their patrons to use their QR code menu.

Overall, Sushi Me, is a great place for when you want to have a “more special” diner experience. You will undoubtedly spend a lovely evening with the elegant setting, the 5-star service and the original and delicious fusion dishes.

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