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Chez Rosy restaurant, a heartwarming experience

Chez Rosy restaurant food

Off to enjoy a road trip to the south of the island? Make a stop at the Chez Rosy Restaurant a heartwarming experience, for a delicious typical Mauritian lunch. We made our way to Gris Gris to watch the beautiful waves crash against the rocks off the coast. The weather was perfect that day, sunny, blue skies and wind in our hair. We heard many great things about Chez Rosy through, friends, colleagues and family. While looking for the restaurant we thought we were lost until we got to the corner towards la Roche qui Pleure. And right on that corner was Chez Rosy. A quaint and home-y restaurant where you’ll experience the warmth of the locals.


Stepping into Chez Rosy, it feels like a home with its wooden furniture and hung paintings. We find the employees and cooks in the front chatting and laughing away while no customers are here yet. As soon as they see us we are immediately greeted by the bright smiles of the ladies. Asking us to make ourselves comfortable and choose our table.
The terrace area falls onto a small covered garden creating a cosy atmosphere. We were seated inside near the windows. On the inside you’ll find the bar and a few tables and mirrors hung on the wall as well as paintings. The inside almost feels like when you would go to your grandparents place, with ornaments on the many shelves hung on the wall. The feeling of Chez Rosy, really reflects the name of the restaurant. You feel like you are visiting a friend at home and you are welcomed just as that.

Chez Rosy snacks


The menu varies from local fresh seafood to mauritian traditional food. From lobster and grilled fish to octopus curry, one of the suggestions by the chef! As starters we had the shrimp fritters and crispy calamari. Perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The fried snacks were not oily at all! One of the small details that makes a huge difference. Fried snacks have a tendency of leaving your hands shiny with oil. But not at Chez Rosy! Then, as main dishes, though we’ve heard the amazing things about their curries, we went for the lobsters. As it was a special occasion we decided to treat ourselves! 

The food arrived just on time with a pleasant break after our snacks. The beautiful red lobsters were perfectly grilled with its parsley butter sauce on top. The fragrance of the parsley butter instantly wafts towards us. They come accompanied by fries, bread and a side salad. The lobsters have this slight crunch from breaking into the skin of the flesh. Inside it is tender and slightly spongy. The smokiness from the grill has incorporated into the flesh and mixing with the parsley butter it is scrumptious!

After that we felt like we probably couldn’t eat anymore! But their specialty dessert is the Banane flambé, and how could we say no? The banana has been put on the grill and get’s the smoky charcoal flavour on the outside. The inside is warm and melts in your mouth. The banana comes with a yummy vanilla ice cream and a salted caramel sauce on top. The salted caramel sauce is to die for! The textures and flavours perfectly compliment each other and you just don’t want it to end! 

Chez Rosy restaurant food


At the Chez Rosy restaurant a heartwarming experience is ensured, you’ll be welcomed like a friend. The employees were so kind and had huge smiles and was so attentive to our requests. They were so kind to come and chat with us a bit, one of the chefs, an aunty with her apron later came out. Also, she guessed it was one of our birthdays without us mentioning anything! And they were right! We joked together and shared a few laughs. It felt like we had come to visit a friend at their house. And we left with our bellies full and big smile on our faces.

If you want to feel the warmth of the local people of the island, experience the local food then Chez Rosy is must try. The whole experience together makes the beauty of the place. From the place, the people and the food. Chez Rosy is a place to make yourself at home, to fill your belly with delicious food and to have a great time! 


Phone number: +230 625 4179

Disclaimer: All restaurant reviews are written from our personal experience at the 
restaurant on this specific date and time. These are recommendations that we hope 
you add to your list of places to try and enjoy.

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