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The Pink Peppercorn Restaurant Review

Pink Peppercorn Restaurant

The Pink Peppercorn restaurant is one of Sands Suites Resort & Spa’s restaurants, during our stay, we’ve had the chance to enjoy an amazing lunch experience. With the sound of the beach waves, the ocean view and the leaves blowing in the wind above us, lunch at the Pink Peppercorn restaurant feels like a getaway. The seating area falls around the live cooking station, where the chef is in full view of the guests as he expertly prepares our dishes. However the setting is only the beginning!


The Pink Peppercorn restaurant is perfect for all, whether on a date, with friends or family get togethers. It is the place you go to when you just need a break. Watch the waves wash in and out, admire the mountains across the ocean and a view of Tamarin’s coast. You’ll be sipping on a cocktail as you appreciate the simplistic and natural beauty of the West Coast, forgetting about all qualms or worries. It is true that all this is made very easy because it’s part of a resort, however outside guests are welcome for a day pass or for lunch. They even have Sunday Brunches that are always a hit with a wide variety of options and live music! We’ll definitely need to make it to the next Sunday Brunch!

Pink Peppercorn Burger


The food is one of the highlights of the Pink Peppercorn restaurant, everything ordered was great or amazing! We started with the chicken wings, which were to die for! Honestly we could’ve ordered ten of those because they were so deliciously, crunch, yet sweet and sticky. They were perfectly cooked and so beautifully presented. Another starter was the ramen with pork slices, though very yummy, the portion of the dish was quite unexpected. The ramen looked more like a main dish because of how much there was. But we’d recommend ordering it as a main dish! It’s not your typical Japanese ramen, having travelled to Tokyo to the underground ramen street, the Pink Peppercorn’s take on the ramen is more of a fusion of other Asian inspired dishes combined. Nonetheless, it was very tasty. 

As main dishes we got the Beef Tagliata, medium cooked, whoever loves to eat meat or steak, now that’s the dish for you! It was perfectly cooked, tender and seasoned to a T! The homemade fries were so good too with salt sprinkled on top accompanied by a grilled corn on the cob. Definitely going back even just for this dish. The other main dish we had was the Beef Burger also cooked medium. The bun was a cereal bun that held everything together really well. Often burger buns can get too soggy or easily come apart, but not this one. The beef patty was super tasty and impeccably cooked to a Medium. The crispy bacon on top added a crunch though to our preference was slightly too cooked, however we also hadn’t specified. But all in all it was a delicious burger!

Last but not least came dessert, chocolate cakes, with caramel sauce and meringues on top. All together the textures and flavours complimented each other and added a sweet end to our lunch there. A quick note, that the menu, may be different from what is available during different stays, as weekdays are more quite, they tend to switch up the menu for a smaller crowd. 


Since the Pink Peppercorn restaurant is located in the Sands Suites Resort and Spa, it’s without a doubt, that the service met our expectations, but we did not expect that they would exceed it! The waiters come in and out so swiftly, you’d barely notice them. However, they notice all the things that you may need or want when you least expect it. Their attention to detail at making you as comfortable as possible is tremendous. The food & drinks came at the right time, they checked on us in between without interrupting, and their smile and kindness is exemplary. The dispositions taken with regards to COVID, is respected without making it feel uncomfortable or awkward. We could barely believe how well taken care of we were, from remembering our names to noticing any slight discomfort.

At the Pink Peppercorn restaurant, you’ll be greeted with an experience you won’t forget. Everything compliments each other to make sure you have a great time. From the delicious food and drinks to the exemplary service and finishing with the tremendous view in front of you. The Pink Peppercorn should definitely be on your list of places! Don’t miss their Sunday Brunches, which we are also impatient to try out!

Phone number: +230 403 1200
Website: www.sands.mu/en/food-drink/pink-peppercorn/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sandsmauritius
E-mail: info@sands.mu 

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