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Food Sensei Restaurant Review

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Craving for Chinese Food and want to grab something quick and easy? Well Food Sensei will definitely tingle your taste buds! Food Sensei is a restaurant with a trendy and modern décor, serving Asian Fusion cuisine. The food is adequately good and reasonably priced, thus perfect for your lunch or dinner night outs with a bunch of friends! Food Sensei has two locations, we’ve never been to the one in Riche Terre, but the one in Mont Choisy Mall, is our family’s go-to Asian restaurant when we are too lazy to cook! So, this review is based on the Food Sensei at Mont Choisy Mall


What often comes to mind when people think of Chinese Restaurant, is that small traditional and typically overcrowded little place in Chinatown. But Food Sensei, is everything but! The restaurant is well-lit, clean and celebrates minimalist décor. It is not overly fancy but feels very cozy. Plus, the tables are well spaced out, giving you privacy and ample of space to move around.

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For starters, we ordered Crispy Calamari, Beef Panko and Chinese Sausage. Portion sizes are fairly reasonable, you get around 6 pieces per entrée, which is perfect for 1 to 2 persons to share. The Calamari was our favorite; it is really crispy and isn’t oily at all. Paired with the garlic sauce and crushed chili; “avec so la sauce l’ail ek so pima craser” as we say in Mauritius and it will taste even better.

To follow, we had the Flat Rice Noodles Katana Soup and the Mauritian Styled Fried Rice as mains and Sautéed Greens as a side dish. The noodle soup is really spicy as you can tell from the tangy red colored broth! It is nonetheless very comforting and perfect as a winter warmer, if you can handle the heat! As for their Mauritian Styled Fried Rice, it is a must try (one of their specialties)! It is a Cantonese fried rice with salted fish (which is a commonly used and a much-loved ingredient here on the island). Though a little salty, you may add some garlic sauce to add acidity for balance. 

In general, the food is pretty delicious, but might be a little too salty for our liking. So, what we often do is ask the chef to add less or no salt.

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The service at Food Sensei is probably their weak point. Though the food ordering and food service was fast and smooth running, when you are dining in, you still have to order at the counter. Thus, the only point of contact with the staff is at the ordering counter. The waiters also do not take the time to pop by the table to ask if everything’s alright. But that’s perhaps because they want to provide more of a “fast food” type of service.

All in all, Food Sensei is a nice little restaurant for when you want to have a casual meal. No extravaganza but simple and delicious food at a reasonable price with a clean and modern setting. Definitely a mid-week go-to restaurant

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Website: https://foodsensei.mu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodSensei/
Phone number: +230 248 9611
E-mail: info@foodsensei.mu

Disclaimer: All restaurant reviews are written from our personal experience at 
the  restaurant on this specific date and time. These are recommendations that we hope you add to your list of places to try and enjoy.

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