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Mabuti Restaurant Review

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Situated at the heart of the bustling cities of Port-Louis and Ebene, Mabuti is the perfect spot to destress or to re-energize with a healthy meal and a cup of coffee. Ideally located, it is also an easy and convenient place for your lunch meetings! As a matter of fact, that’s where we often go for our “à table with Aulson” discussions. A quick note that we are reviewing the Mabuti situated in Ebene (there’s one in Port-Louis as well)


Mabuti has a modern and minimalist décor, yet a very cozy atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in the daylight, which then reflects on the tables and chairs creating beautiful patterns of sunlight. An indoor-outdoor style is also created by the tall glass windows, which make the restaurant feel a lot more spacious and welcoming. At Mabuti – they’ve thought about everything! You’re with a friend and want a cozy table – check. Alone and just want to grab coffee and browse through your phone then grab a highchair at the bar. Need a place to hold your weekly company meeting, then hire their private meeting room. An even higher score could have been achieved, but our only remark would be to have some coffee lounge music playing in the background.

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On that particular day, Autumn and I met for our usual weekly catch-up. An early lunch, thus I wasn’t too hungry and ordered the couscous salad. This vegetarian dish is a must-try, even if you are a carnivore! It was one of the best if not the best couscous salad I’ve ever eaten. Loaded with chickpeas, butternut, eggplant, onions and parsley, it was a bowl packed full of flavors! But wait! Let’s not forget the most delicious salad dressing ever. Honey Dijon mustard dressing! Sweet, tangy and a little spicy, it surely took this bowl of couscous to the next level! I simply kept going for more, spoonful after spoonful. If you’ve had KFC’s honey mustard nugget dip before, well it is very similar, just better and healthier.

Autumn ordered the crispy chicken burger. And that as well delivered! The chicken was perfectly cooked, crispy skin and juicy in the inside, which is very rare! So often you find yourself eating a dry, overcooked and tough piece of chicken breast, but this one wasn’t! The grilled pineapple further added extra juiciness and a nice tanginess as well. Accompanied with fried onion rings and fries (oh, oopsy salad too – but who eats side salad! Plus, it was a little bitter due to the overdominance of the red cabbage) it is perfect for when you’re feeling hangry!

As for dessert, we had the red velvet cake, alas, it was a disappointment. Texture wise it was good; moist cake, creamy frosting. However, the cake had a bitter aftertaste which even with the cream cheese frosting was difficult to overlook.


As soon as we arrived, we were politely greeted by the staff. They were also well-versed and talked us through the menu from A to Z and even included the daily specials. The service can be improved if they focus on a more personalized customer service – for instance, having the waiters/waitresses going around the tables.

In a nutshell, we were pleasantly surprised by the standard of the food – the freshness, the flavors, the presentation. Conveniently located, Mabuti, is perfect for when you didn’t have time to prepare your lunch or when you want to escape the busy hustles of work. 

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