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Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls roulette

The Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls roulette is a fun take on this traditional Chinese New Year treat in Mauritius. It is made to be shared with friends and family together with a bunch of other treats. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside it is simply scrumptious.

red bean paste sesame balls

Sesame Ball roulette: Red Bean or No Red Bean?

This recipe is easy and does not require too many ingredients and a little goes a long way! With this red Bean Paste filled Sesame Balls roulette we wanted to play it up a little. Here you’ll fill half of the Sesame Balls with red bean paste and half without. After frying mix them all and let people choose the one they want and surprise!

Turn it into a game, and the person with the red bean paste filled one needs to answer a question or do a dare!

Red bean paste filled sesame balls roulette

Frying the Sesame Balls

One thing to keep in mind when frying is to make sure to keep the heat at low-medium and let it heat up well. This is to make sure the oil is hot enough so that the Sesame Ball does not end up absorbing too much of the oil in. However you also do not want to have the heat too high as often it’s the shortcut we want to take when it takes too long.

But we promise the patience will be worth it, as frying them on high heat will end up with the outside looking cooked but the inside still raw. So give them some love let them fry up and cook well until the outside is golden brown. Keep rolling them over once in a while so it keeps its round shape.

Usually when starting to fry it’ll bubble up and sink to the bottom but will then be floating once they’re pretty much done.

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Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls Roulette

Course: Something Sweet, DessertDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time


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  • 500g White Sweet Potato (Patate Douce)

  • 250g Glutinous Rice Flour

  • 200g Granulated Sugar

  • 1 cup red bean paste

  • Sesame seeds

  • Vegetable oil


  • In a pot place enough water to submerge your sweet potato and turn on high heat until boiling, then add in your sweet potato until very soft when pricking your fork through
  • Remove the skin from your sweet potato, being careful to not burn yourself and place in a heat proof bowl
  • While the sweet potato is still hot add in the sugar and crush the sweet potato and sugar together with a fork melting the sugar at the same time with the heat until it becomes like a smooth watery paste
  • Make sure to crush the pieces so you don’t end up having chunky bits left
  • Let cool for a 10-15 minutes and add in the glutinous Rice flour gradually mixing with a spatula until it’s less sticky then use your hands to combine well and form a soft dough
  • In a large plate add 2 cups of sesame seeds
  • Using a spoon to measure, spoon out enough to make a approximately 1.5 inch – 2 inch ball and roll between your palms until a perfect circle
  • Once you’ve done about half your dough, keep doing the same however before rolling your ball flatten and add 1-2 tablespoon of red ben paste then slowly close the ball over the red bean paste and roll into a perfect circle and the same for the rest
  • Then roll your sweet potato ball into the plate of sesame seeds pressing gently while rolling to have them cover the ball and repeat with the rest of your dough and line them in a tray
  • In a pot pour in enough vegetable oil to deep fry your sesame balls and set on low-medium heat until it’s hot enough to gently place in your balls and it should sink and start bubbling to fry up
  • Let fry while rolling your sesame balls every once in a while to keep it’s perfect round shape
  • The Sesame Balls should then rise up and float once cooked and turn a perfect golden brown an you can remove and let the oil drain
  • Let cool and serve, surprise them with Red Bean or No Red Bean
Recipe inspired by one of our Aulson Mamas

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