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“Smart Box Grab & Go” Launch

Smart Box Grab & Go is a new food concept, perfectly located across from Intermart at SoFlo’ mall in Floreal. It is a concept that aims at providing delicious food for everyone, from Kids to Adults, from Meatlovers, Pescatarians and Vegans, they’ve got it all. The setting has a modern rustic chic vibe that instantly makes you want to walk in and discover their extensive menu. But we will say no more and allow you to uncover the different aspects upon your visit.

How it all started? What is the idea behind Smart Box Grab & Go?

Smart Box Grab & Go isn’t just your ordinary restaurant or café, it is a food concept that has it all! It is your everyday café and restaurant. A place that caters for everyone, in terms of taste buds and budget. 

Nonetheless, as the name says it all, their main concept is the Grab & Go. Focusing on easy and readily available meals without compromising on the quality and freshness of the food. 

Have a meeting starting in 5 mins? Grab something from their readymade boxes. Want to catch up with your friends over a delicious meal? Order something fresh and tasty from the live kitchen. Just finished your groceries at Intermart and too tired to go home to cook for the family? Grab a few items from their menu and off you go. Good food, made easy! 

Furthermore, they also cater for dine-in customers, where you can order food and drink and enjoy it at the table on the balcony. It is equally a lovely and quiet place to grab coffee and cake while catching up on some work.

Smart Box Grab & Go, makes life easier without cutting corners on flavour, options and making their clients feel welcomed. 

Do they really have food for…


What’s great about Mauritius is its diversity – a melting pot of religions, ethnicities and foodies! Everyone’s taste is different, and Smart Box Grab & Go made sure to think about everyone! From Meatlovers, Pescatarians, Vegetarians, Vegans to Kid-friendly, Healthy Foodies, Junk Foodies and even Picky Foodies. You will undoubtedly find something to your liking – something to your taste and your budget. 

Having a head chef who has worked in the kitchen for many years including in the hotel industry; they’ve nailed their flavours. Thought has been given to every detail behind every dish. 

Even better, they’ll be opened with the same hours as Intermart. So it isn’t just your lunch spot, it’s your breakfast, coffee break, lunch, tea time and even dinner spot!

What struck you the most about Smart Box Grab & Go?

  • We loved the decor, from the modern checked-tiles, the wooden walls to the indoor-outdoor seating area and the funny quotes on the walls. It is definitely a cozy place to grab a meal.
  • We were so surprised by the extensive menu – they’ve got it all! Even your Boulette ek bouillon! But then you have the fancier Seafood Tagliatelle that was so tasty with a bit of a kick from some dried chilli flakes. And the prices were really great, you can always find an option that can fit in your budget.
  • Limiting their environmental footprint was mandatory. And as such, even if they are a Grab and Go, they ensured that all their containers and cutleries were eco-friendly.

Were there any points you think they could do better at?  

We loved the seating area, but we do suggest adding a bar with high chairs  along the wall and the railing for those who want to have a coffee and work for a bit for example. Also add in some chargers and power points to create quiet and cozy workstations.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smartboxmauritius/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smartboxmauritius 
Phone number: +230 5 251 9860
E-mail: smartbox@intermart.mu 

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